Clinical trials are an indispensable part of the clinical research, and have the goal of putting on the market new and innovative products, which help in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of diseases.

The growing costs for research and development and clinical trials in the disorders of the Central Nervous System require optimised study designs and rethinking of approaches. Sitilop provides services for the design and development of study protocols; the preparation and submission of study to Ethics and other regulatory bodies; the site assessment and selection; the preparation of standard operating protocols, case report forms, and study reports; the recruitment and retention of subjects for the trial; the assessments needed as outlined on each protocol; the analyses of data; and publication oversight and writing. By providing complete and tailored services, we are aiming to help sponsors reduce their costs by decreasing unnecessary steps and time elapsing from research set-up to the marketing of the product. Ultimately, this approach advantages the patients who will benefit from the new products earlier.

Our Clinical Trials & Research services

Sitilop Study Design

Study Design

Our team specialises in the design of protocols in studies spanning from single-site observational studies to complex multi-site interventional studies. Learn more →

Central Nervous System Protocol Development

Protocol Development

Our team at Sitilop has significant experience in conducting clinical trials and developing study protocols tailored towards the needs and objectives of the sponsor. Learn more →

Regulatory Ethics Submission

Regulatory & Ethics Submission

Sitilop has extensive experience in managing regulatory submissions and procedures of all necessary approvals that a study needs. Learn more →

Site Assessment and Selection

Site assessment & selection

Sitilop offers invaluable advice on site assessment and selection to ensure the best outcomes related to each study’s requirements are facilitated. Learn more →

SOPs, CRFs and Reports

SOPs, CRFs & Reports

Our team advises and facilitates the design and preparation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) protocols, Clinical Report Forms (CRFs) and study reports following the highest quality standards. Learn more →

Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment & Retention

Our services include documented procedures, validated methods and technologies, frequently updated SOPs and easy retrieval of essential documents to show actions, decisions, and results. Learn more →



Sitilop offers unique services and specialised expertise for the design, facilitation and conduct of trial assessments including clinical, neuropsychological and digital assessments across a number of Central Nervous System disorders. Learn more →

Central Nervous System Data Analysis

Data Analyses

Sitilop offers a range of data analysis tools and methodological approaches for the interpretation of clinical, neuropsychological and digital data; and neuroimaging data, including PET, SPECT and MRI datasets for all types of clinical trials and research. Learn more →

Publication Oversight and Writing

Publication oversight & writing

Our team is able to oversee and facilitate the writing of publications related, but not limited, to studies of Neurology, Neurodegeneration, Neuroimaging, Geriatric Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Mental Health, Speech & Language Therapy, Neuroimmunology, and Epigenetic. Learn more →