Sitilop offers unique services and specialised expertise for the design, facilitation and conduct of trial assessments including clinical, neuropsychological and digital assessments across a number of Central Nervous System disorders.

Our team includes very experienced sub-investigators, who are able to deliver trial assessments at the highest quality standards. Sitilop develops clinical, neuropsychological and digital batteries tailored to the needs of every trial following sophisticated review and analyses of validated and experimental assessments and scales according to the most updated scientific literature.

Our team works closely with Sponsors to understand the research question and outcome of the study, thus able to identify the most valuable assessments of brain function that accurately and effectively capture symptomatology from all aspects of presentation including motor, non-motor, neuropsychiatric and behavioural symptoms. For example, the investigation of the relationship between the function of specific cortical domains and human behaviour and cognition can be captured with the use of specialised neuropsychological assessments, which help in defining the Central Nervous System disorder and their therapeutic orientation. The development of a robust neuropsychological battery is crucial for the definition and evaluation of specific Central Nervous System functions in healthy people and in patients with Central Nervous System diseases. Sitilop provides scientific advice for devising the most suited neuropsychological battery according to each trial needs. We provide training to investigators on how to administer specific tests, as well as FAQs and troubleshooting. Our team also provides assistance in the interpretation of data.

Digital assessments, including wearables, are a rapidly growing area for the accurate and continuous assessment of symptoms related to Central Nervous System disorders. Some of these assessments can be done remotely and permit data to be captured through online portals, which are used by the study participants with the remote supervision and assistance of the investigators. There is a growing demand of digital assessments for clinical trials, and our team at Sitilop specialises in the development of digital batteries for clinical trials to suit the most demanding needs across a wide spectrum of Central Nervous System disorders.

Meet our team

Our vision is to drive healthcare forward, and accelerate this progress with our unique insights, and with our ability to reimagine and reinvent. Our team is constantly striving to innovate and find novel solutions to provide state-of-the-art services, in all aspects of clinical research, ranging from clinical activities, to the establishment of research protocols, regulatory and ethics submission, data analysis, using innovative and novel methodological approaches, and preparing materials for publication.