Sitilop offers invaluable advice on site assessment and selection to ensure the best outcomes related to each study’s requirements are facilitated.

A typical approach to provide advice on site assessment and selection will include review and analysis of subject resources and availability; inclusion and exclusion criteria; the number of visits required, the clinical and research facilities required, competing studies; data management requirements, and regulatory aspects. Our team also specialises in providing sample size calculations related to the outcomes of the study, in monitoring recruitment targets and metrics and in analysing feasibility for studies.

Meet our team

Our vision is to drive healthcare forward, and accelerate this progress with our unique insights, and with our ability to reimagine and reinvent. Our team is constantly striving to innovate and find novel solutions to provide state-of-the-art services, in all aspects of clinical research, ranging from clinical activities, to the establishment of research protocols, regulatory and ethics submission, data analysis, using innovative and novel methodological approaches, and preparing materials for publication.