Our team advises and facilitates the design and preparation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) protocols, Clinical Report Forms (CRFs) and study reports following the highest quality standards. We are aligning SOPs with anticipating projected outcomes, Good Clinical Practice guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Our services include documented procedures, validated methods and technologies, frequently updated SOPs and easy retrieval of essential documents to show actions, decisions, and results. We also provide support with all aspects of your clinical trial, including screeners and raters, electronic data capture, database lock, data interpretation and statistical analysis and medical writing. We also organise internal and external audits performed by independent auditors.

Meet our team

Our vision is to drive healthcare forward, and accelerate this progress with our unique insights, and with our ability to reimagine and reinvent. Our team is constantly striving to innovate and find novel solutions to provide state-of-the-art services, in all aspects of clinical research, ranging from clinical activities, to the establishment of research protocols, regulatory and ethics submission, data analysis, using innovative and novel methodological approaches, and preparing materials for publication.