Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive technique which can provide comprehensive, multi-parametric information on brain anatomy, function and metabolism. MRI has undergone dramatic advances over the last few decades, with an ever-increasing number of clinical and research applications.

The versatility of this modality enables a range of research questions to be answered and the development of increasingly complex analyses. MRI scanners use magnetic fields and radio waves to form images of the brain, and Sitilop provides a range of MRI solutions including:

  • Structural MRI: To provide detailed, high-resolution images of brain anatomy and monitor neurodegeneration
  • Functional MRI (fMRI): To understand how regions across the brain respond to external stimuli, as well as the interaction they have when the brain is at rest
  • Arterial Spin Labelling: To determine patterns of brain perfusion
  • Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging: To provide information on hemorrhage, iron concentration and venous blood
  • Neuromelanin-sensitive MR: To quantify neuromelanin in regions rich in catecholaminergic neurons in the brain
  • Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping: To provide absolute concentrations of iron and calcium
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging: To measure white matter integrity

Sitilop has extensive expertise in the application of various MR-based methodologies to drug development. Our researchers have a deep understanding about a range of MR scanners and their respective capabilities and potential applications. Sitilop offers consulting services, whereby sequences can be tailored to complement and answer the client’s specific research questions, to ensure the best possible outcome is produced. Sitilop will also ensure that the sequences are correctly implemented in practice, ensuring the images generated are of the highest quality.

Members of Sitilop have extensive knowledge on analyzing the generated MR data, with expertise in all functional and structural MR modalities. Our team will not only process the MR data using innovative analysis methodology pipelines, but can interpret and analyze the data to the highest standard, thus providing clients with reliable outcome measures. Our researchers also have the expertise in offering advice on the scanner-types which would be most beneficial for the study, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Clinical Trials and Research

Our vision is to drive healthcare forward, and accelerate this progress with our unique insights, and with our ability to reimagine and reinvent. Our team is constantly striving to innovate and find novel solutions to provide state-of-the-art services, in all aspects of clinical research, ranging from clinical activities, to the establishment of research protocols, regulatory and ethics submission, data analysis, using innovative and novel methodological approaches, and preparing materials for publication.